Thank you for shopping and supporting the LCFM and making it an awesome place to sell your old, new, and slightly used items. 

Tables in the field are $10 and the tables under the shed are by RESERVATION only and are $15 and $20.

*Free Admission

*Free Parking

*Best deals


*High Visibility

*300+ tables 

 The Lee County Flea Market 



  • Vendors and customers are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner or will be asked to leave this private property.
  • Sorry, No open carry firearms are allowed on the property.
  • No Alcohol allowed on the property.
  • No FIREARMS, fireworks, pornography, or drug paraphernalia allowed on property or to be sold.
  • No electric heaters or air conditioners allowed.
  • No hot food is allowed to be sold. Inquire at the office about other food requirements (Alabama Cottage Food Law).
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Radios should be kept on low volume.
  • Parking for one vehicle behind your table is provided.
  • No Sub leasing of tables.
  • Vendors are expected to cleanup their area. Dispose of trash either in barrels provided or dumpsters in the back. Violators will not be allowed back. Do not leave items for others to get.
  • Dealers should obtain adequate liability and workman’s compensation insurance for their property and workers.
  • The Lee County Flea Market LLC is not responsible for Injury, theft of property, fire, or damage caused by weather. The Lee County Flea Market LLC is not responsible for damage to your vehicle.
  • The Lee County Flea Market LLC is not responsible for dealer’s property or liability arising out of the negligent act of dealers, their employees, or customers.
  • The Lee County Flea Market LLC is not responsible or liable for the quality, integrity, or working condition of merchandise sold by vendors.
  • Report any issue you have to the office immediately so that it can be handled promptly. Authorities will be notified if needed. Most issues can be resolved with common sense!
  • Setup or “tarping” your table begins on Friday. You can do it at the stroke of midnight, but not on Thursday. Only a couple of people who help us at the LCFM have permission to tarp prior to Friday morning. You must use a tarp or similar, rocks or sticks do not reserve a table.
  • 7:00 AM EST (Georgia Time) ON SATURDAY MORNINGS, especially when the weather is good and we are going to be full, you need to be at your table or have a buddy watching it. I will be checking to see tables that are covered with no one there. If you are not there or have someone watching, WE MAY REMOVE YOUR TARP.
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