Lee County Flea Market, Inc.


Welcome to Lee County ( Smiths Station, Alabama)  Flea Market.


 We are home to one of Central Alabama's best and most attended flea markets with the best deals around. Bargains are plentiful and our dealers price their goods to sell!


At the Intersection of Route 431 North and 280 West at Lee County  Route 379, in Smiths Station, Alabama. We are about 15 miles from Opelika, Alabama and ten miles from Columbus, GA.


               "Free Admission and Free Parking."



We are called " The best little, big flea market around" for a reason, and coming here to shop for  bargains and the best deals are just too good to pass up. So what are you waiting for? Let's get going to Lee County( Smiths Station,  Alabama) Flea Market for hours of shopping and fun.


Shop all year long! We are open every Saturday and Sunday from         " sun up to sun down."


We are regularly shopped by approximately 3500 flea marketer's every weekend with plenty of free parking and free admission.


There is lots to love at Lee County Flea Market, Inc. We have 200 tables to rent and are presently growing to 400 set up's.


Saturday and Sunday's will find up to 200 tables full of many different wares to include one of a kind items and box lots of many items of the same. The bargains and  best deals realized here will save you lots of money! You will be so amazed to find just how many different items are offered.


 Come walk and shop amid an endless array of goods from local cuisine and home baked goods to colorful tables full of collectibles, housewares, toys, clothing, hunting gear and more!


Come discover for yourself amid a wealth of " flea market finds."


There is even a full time Snack Shack open every Saturday and Sunday during the market hours.


We are a great place to spend the morning, afternoon or whole day.


 Bring a friend, make a friend.


 Bring your family, become part of our family of ever growing flea marketer's.

Recent Flea Marketer's comments:




" I usually find something for my kids at Lee County Flea Market. They love coming here. You sure can save a lot of money on Christmas items."



"When I need new camos for deer season I come here. There is such a great selection of hunting clothes here every fall."


"Hey I got new t shirts for under $5.00."


"No baking for me during any event, I can find fresh baked goodies here all the time!"

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